The igol has landeth

Hello sportsfans. I finally got my grubby hands on new DAP. Is sleek, black and packs a punch more than any out there in the market. The sound is clean and the performance is uncomparable. I can’t wait to stuff linux in it.

A burst of whateverness

Alright my will is too weak to ever resist this chance to get it. I finally succumb to the call of the vixen. I can no longer wait till I get my grubby hands on it. i wonder if I can input the penguin inside this miniscule beauty of an electronic DAP delight. 17 is the date my dearies. Until then my sweet velvet piece of heaven.

The long haul

I have been turned into a turnip. I just can’t get over the fact that I have to wait till February 25, 2006 to get a chane to go up and wait till March to actually try and get a fresh start. i just can’t get over the fact that every day when I go¬† to work i just feel down and out. Just trying to keep in line till this lockdown is done. I guess I have to keep at it for as long as it takes.

Ok, time to punch teh coffers

Ok, this is getting critical, I have to decide soon or else I’m gonna regret this for ages! here is an opportunity to get the most beautiful peice of hardware into my life and I am pitter patting and can’t seems to decide. My head says go but I’m always like that. Always wanting something to bits then ultimately losing all interest. But this one is different. I just can’t seem to take it out of my system. I mean this is a great investment and it would mean so much to much neglected collection and yet what’s wrong with me? i can’t seem to muste the strength to spend that much. This is getting serious and time is running out. Oh the humanity.


I am totally green with envy. Ivy’s gonna get a nano and I am still in mmcville using my phone as a DAP. I’ve already inquired about the prices on the 2 and 6 gb models and I do hope I won’t be headed to bustville when I get the quotations.