Get live on 200 whe?

Well this a pleasant surprise XD. I’m back in the Beta business. No no silly, not the Archaic method of storing pr0n, the other type 🙂 You know the one where you try to test out new products and services. Yesh that’s the one 🙂 What you may ask am I beta testing? Well, they are the following:

Live Mail (with 4J4X),
+Rain says Yahoo mail also has the outlook feel comparable to this version. But I still like Gmail.

Live Messenger (with v0ip)
+Googletalk’s competitor sans other voip enabled mesengers

Live Favorites (Been using this since Nov)
+This is sweet. favorites where ever you need it

Alrighty then 🙂 more time to waste valuable bandwidth! Beta Beta Beta!


Hello dear colleagues, today I shall note the top 5 things I do to stay awake without opting for a power drink. For empirical purposes I will also note the positive and negative effects of these methods

Move: Suck on the chocolate layering Kitkat’s (do not eat wafer this will soften effect)
+ : Sugar rush in 8 seconds or less (is magnified by amount of bars you consume)
– : Rush dies at exactly 15 minutes after consumption accompanied by headache
Rank: 3 out of 5

Move: No sugar coffee from the vendo of death (for emergency use only)
+ : Caffeine high for 30-40 mins (depending on amount)
– : Extreme sensitivity: Heaing, sight (eyestrain), palpitation, irritability, muscle twitching, loss of focus when effect wears off
Joint pain and nausea
Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Move: Co-ca-i-na move on sugar packs(pretty useful and quick esp. for boring meetings, gatherings because of accessibility)
+ : Sugar rush hits max effectivity when coupled with coke (cocktail of death)
– : Joint pain, nausea, drowsiness, (can be cured by dinking lots of water read: water torture)
Rank: 4 out of 5

Move: Nips (Lots and lots of nips)
+ : Sugar high does not wear off easily since sustained consumption of nips will fuel it
– : Gum ache, tooth ache, head ache, nausea
Rank: 3 out of 5

Move: Whammo/ Fudgiesu ck on filling do not consume pastry)
+ : Sugar rush is different for cream filling (higher bec of more sugar) than dark filling
– : Headache (Massive)you’ll need sleep for this
Rank: 3.5 out of 5

That is all for now.However for the advancement of science I will continue to further my research on more effective way’s of inducing a more sustainable less hazardous way of getting that all important rush.

When your a kid…

When I was a kid I thought:

1. People never died. They just grew very old and stayed
that way. That was, until I attended my first funeral.

2. The only place to be was Uncle Bob’s lucky 7 club. Until I
discovered detention in elementary.

3. There really was a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
Until I learned the truth in science class.

4. GI Joe’s were real depiction of people fighting the good
fight. Until I learned that they were’nt real at all and they
seem to never age. wow, a la beautiful mind.

5. The people who lived in the Ultraman series were fast
workers. Since every episode a flurry of buildings got
destroyed and you’d see them good as new in the next
episode. Until i noticed that they were kinda fake and most
of the shots were rehashed (i.e when he throws the
monster and it crashes, when the people run away)

6. I would grow up to be a Macross pilot. (Seriously, I even
wrote this on my prep school bio.). Until I saw my first
copy of National Geographic, thats when I knew I wanted to
be a grimy archeologist or at least learn more about
history. Which I did (I became a lazy history major)

7. The only cool band was the the beetles on Sesame street
(remember the Letter “B” song?)

8. Girls sucked at dodgeball. Until I got clocked in the
groin by our class valedictorian *lol* I got swift revenge by
clocking her on the noggin 🙂 But nevertheless, Girls
rocked from that day on. Or maybe it was the hormones
kicking in, hmnnn… nah, too young then

9. The best team in the world was Ajax Amsterdam until I
saw The Brazilian National team.

10. Transformers the movie ws the end of the series. I
literally cried when optimus got clocked by megatron *that
bastard!* and thought rodemus sucked ass

11. The only shoes I would ever need were my Gold Nike
Brasilia futsal shoes. Until I learned that my feet were
getting bigger, plus the Air Jordan Brand was released!

Blah, Im tired. Nice I still remember these things 🙂