Hello dear colleagues, today I shall note the top 5 things I do to stay awake without opting for a power drink. For empirical purposes I will also note the positive and negative effects of these methods

Move: Suck on the chocolate layering Kitkat’s (do not eat wafer this will soften effect)
+ : Sugar rush in 8 seconds or less (is magnified by amount of bars you consume)
– : Rush dies at exactly 15 minutes after consumption accompanied by headache
Rank: 3 out of 5

Move: No sugar coffee from the vendo of death (for emergency use only)
+ : Caffeine high for 30-40 mins (depending on amount)
– : Extreme sensitivity: Heaing, sight (eyestrain), palpitation, irritability, muscle twitching, loss of focus when effect wears off
Joint pain and nausea
Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Move: Co-ca-i-na move on sugar packs(pretty useful and quick esp. for boring meetings, gatherings because of accessibility)
+ : Sugar rush hits max effectivity when coupled with coke (cocktail of death)
– : Joint pain, nausea, drowsiness, (can be cured by dinking lots of water read: water torture)
Rank: 4 out of 5

Move: Nips (Lots and lots of nips)
+ : Sugar high does not wear off easily since sustained consumption of nips will fuel it
– : Gum ache, tooth ache, head ache, nausea
Rank: 3 out of 5

Move: Whammo/ Fudgiesu ck on filling do not consume pastry)
+ : Sugar rush is different for cream filling (higher bec of more sugar) than dark filling
– : Headache (Massive)you’ll need sleep for this
Rank: 3.5 out of 5

That is all for now.However for the advancement of science I will continue to further my research on more effective way’s of inducing a more sustainable less hazardous way of getting that all important rush.


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