itai ga desu

Its 4:10 PM and in another 2 hours I have to be up and get ready for work. This time period is what I'd call the lull before the storm. The time when you want to do something else. Where you ruminate on the past day's events and try to make sense of it. Its like a post game analysis of what transpired during your time in the floor. A time to reflect, to try and rectify mistakes and motivate yourself when things are not exactly "peachy".

A lot of things are going through my mind recently. One of the more pressing concerns would be whether to leave for a fresh start or to suck it in and stay the course. A part of me wants to go because of the questionable management we currently have, plus the fact that we got a bad deal when we were transferred to our current position and yet part of me wants to stay. I ask myself why and I honestly feel that I can do more for the company by staying true and soldiering on. I really want to help, the point is, either they don't care or they want somebody they can control.

Now there's something to think about.


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