Hello sports fans,

 Just finished coaching skills training from Libis. Today was the last of a three day workshop geared toward making us (yep… the participants) mre attuned, aligned and organized i giving feedback, may it be encouragement or advice to our direct reports.

I guess I didnt really think much of how I gave my observations to my people. This really helped me get it all together and really be excited in providing feedback and tracking the progress of my team. I just hope I get better as time goes on.

Well, that’s it for now.  Oh, wait… Ateneo won! Woot

 Get some sleep!

 Ja mata



Hello Sportsfans,

 Today G got the schism and I pretty much had the reigns for the whole day. With 3 of our troops out under the knife :-S. If things couldn’t be worse, we had to deal with Megatron. I can’t reveal the identity of that person but for some reason I just want to run away in a mad dash to jump the nearest cliff. But I don’t know. Maybe its just me.

In other news, Chiaki looks nice everyday.

Nobody asked

One more day and it’ll be home sweet home. A time to really let it out and let loose. I gather I will be spending much time preparing but its all good. I guess it comes with the change. Or maybe not.

Keeping the faith

At times you think that work is your whole life and then it hits you. A monumental event that will change the way you think about and see life as it is. Maybe change is good or maybe its not.