Hello… Again Sports fans,

Now that we have the emotional stuff over and done with, here’s my list of things I’m looking forward to this 2008

  1.  EURO 2008
  2. ASUS EEEPC (10 inch version)
  3. Phenom (oh… yeah)

There ya go… something to be cheerful about for this year! Recent acquisitions include:

  1.  25th anniversary AF1
  2. The IT Crowd Season 1 and 2
  3.  2nd gen Kobe Legend

Nice… You guys have a good one

Ja mata,



Hello Sports fans,

Been a while. haven’t really posted anything substantial or worthy of posting really. I guess, I never really ended the year without letting it all hang out. I guess 2007 never really said good bye to me. I will always remember. I will. Always and for never. Thank you very much… indeed

Ja mata,