3nd 0f D4y$

Hello Sports fans,

So, its the end of the week. Been pretty normal around here. Let me give you a rundown of what has transpired in the last few days.

  • Monday: Spent the better part of the day fiddling with VM Ware images(g0s and Hardy Heron Alpha 2)
  • Tuesday: Spent the better part of the week finding out where my curmudgeons were up to
  • Wednesday: Spent all of my time cleaning up for the big jump
  • Thursday: Disappointed and sad over some bad news. Haven’t really gotten over it yet completely.
  • Friday: Finally, in a new station (with CD-R King USB Vacuum cleaner in tow) with a better view and basic creature comforts that will aid in my never ending quest for a better driving line in this place I call verk.

So there, Hope your week was more exciting than mine. As always, stay safe kiddies.

Ja mata,



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