Tis a sad sad day…

Hello Sports fans,

Today just isn’t my day. First I had to learn (at last) that there have been talks to dissolve my current team and place me in Siberia. Now, I learn that yet again… I have lost in something I have been losing to for past years of my life. It’s not a sport nor an argument nor point of view. Just something I have not been real lucky to be on the up and up for like… forever and never. That makes about… let’s see… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, out of 5. Yep pretty bad streak. It can’t be helped. I guess its something I’m just no good at. Might as well divert my attention into more productive things to forget. Because unlike Anon, I forget, I forgive (numerous ooodles and oodles of times) and I am in no one’s legion (a stray lolkatz…lolz). Btw wtg anon lulz!

There ya go, another one in the schute!

Ja mata,



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