Fresh Start: Fresh Post

Hello Sports fans,

Le Intro:Its been a while hasn’t it. Yes it certainly has. I haven’t been doing anything spectacular in the months that have gone. basically just huffing and puffing along. It has been quite hot these past few moths and its taking its toll on my sleeping patterns. I have to actually leave work later to make sure its less warm. Oh well I’m not one to complain, I’ll just enjoy the sunsets.

Le Sports update: All my teams in the UEFA Champions League have gone through. Man U and, Barca and also Liverpool have shown their class in these latter stages of the tournament. I am seriously in for some fine football come the Semifinals and eventually the Final in Moscow.

Life in general: Well I’ve just knot the biggest tie in my life in the past days. I feel pretty good about it. I’m sure its gonna be filled with highlights, lowlights, slow mo’s and replays but I genuinely feel that it was just a formality. Oh well, maybe it comes with age 🙂

Geekdom: I’ve recently been helping a dear friend resolve an issue with WIndows Server 2003 and unfortunately, the audio driver and video driver doesn’t seem to like th Optiplex 755 that was downgraded from Vista to 03. I got the video driver down but wow it was really hard to nail the audio. I sure hope the KB works

Pick of the Week: Like what Paul T from Supersite for windows says ie7pro is great! Try it It makes ie7 butter!

Well thats about it for me, Thanks for stopping by!

Ja mata



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