Live Mesh

wow been hankering for this for a long time now 🙂 have to get this to run on my local home network 🙂 Good luck to me 🙂 Oh, and of course gotta get my donation out for the typhoon victims 🙂


Wow finally made virtualbox work on my lab machine :). I must say it definitely is a great free utility. Matches VM point pound for pound. had fun running and troubleshooting it 🙂 learned a lot from the FAQ and also the How to section. Now I’m off to test Clonezilla 🙂 hope you guys are having fun too 🙂


Well, let’s see. Got a flu shot which made me blue and hmnn… Ces is already freed so I’d call it even 🙂 In other news been testing Clonezilla and also Virtualbox 🙂 Hope it works. FOSS is great!