Rainy Monday

Hello There Sportsfans,

Been nursing a nasty toothache this past weekend. It hurts so much, its been giving me a all sorts of problems. The left side of my face is swollen, I’m having problems with chewing and to top it all, the headaches, ooh the headaches. Gonna do a bit of self medication with Mesulid and some gargle. Should lessen the swelling and the pain… hopefully.

In other news, I went to the local Central Post Office to get my Free copy of Ubuntu 8.04 (did it for the Stickers :)) and I must say, It looks like a dump. I think its my second time visiting the CPO and I can’t see any changes. Sad sad CPO. Well, at least the local SSS branch is faring better. Now, that reminds me, I gotta find my SSS ID. Its probably at the office.

On to sports. The Tour de France has been enjoyable this weekend. Well aside from that, Vladimir klitchsko (can’t be sure on the spelling) won in Hamburg. He was pretty shaky in the first 2 rounds but was able to put the Tiger (Thompson) on the canvass by the 11th round. Kudos to Vladimir. On a related note ABS-CBN sports will be airing the “Holy War” (Laban na Banal) where AJ “Bazooka” Banal and two other boxers will face foreign opponents. Can’t wait for that 🙂

We’ll gotta go to work tomorrow. Hope the rain holds up 🙂 (I love the rain :))

you guys have a great week.

Ja mata,



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