Dispatches from the corner window


Its another beautiful Friday morning ladies and gents, the sun is shining and the weather is fine. Nursing a fine mug of brewed glory and just enjoying the streaming radio from my laptop. So yeah, so far its been a pretty good morning to say the least.

The Chrome review

I’ve been using chrome for the past 3 days now and I must say, its fast, clean and a joy to use. The only thing I would tweak would be the size of the address bar. Its a bit too big. But I guess the UI team at Google wanted to make sure the bar was big enough to read for every user. Oh well, I guess that’s that. [edit] i take it back! My eyesight is so shot without my glasses so when I remove my spectacles i can still see the address bar. Pretty useful 😀


So yeah I finally decided to get a card. It’s been so long now and with payment options limiting me from getting purchases overseas its only wise to get a card. Audible.com here I come!

Mobile me

In the past few months I’ve been hankering for a new phone (well not entirely true, I’ve been hankering for a radio for my daily commute but got miffed by the price and inanity of carrying too much stuff on the daily commute) so I’ve decided this October to get something. here are my choices. Here is my choice the Nokia e51.

Eraserheads reflux

Been spending the whole day completing the discography and so far I’m doing good 😀 i just need to find the Natin 99 album and I’m all good.

That’s it folks, stay safe and keep a cold one in the ref for emergencies 😀

Ja mata



2 thoughts on “Dispatches from the corner window

  1. i have the phone …. AFAIC it suits me, but if you’re heavy on teh wi-fi thing, you’ll get bored with the small screen, and the camera isn’t that big-o’-a-deal too, its only 2 mp’s … i don’t use it anyway 🙂 i should’ve gotten the version without the cam instead

    oh, and yeah, go watch Zeitgeist The Movie, entertaining shit!

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