D.I.Y passive cooling riser

So yeah, I was feeling kind of industrious today so I thought of building a passive cooling riser for my laptop. I went online and checked out other DIY builds from MAKE to Instructables but none suited to my taste. Either there was too much going on or there was too much labor to be done in the fabrication process. So I took it upon myself to make one from scratch. I also challenged myself, like many others I saw on the various sites I visited, to spend as little money as possible on my project.

So I started my search for materials to use. As it was raining outside I wanted to make sure that the last option to be taken in my parts expedition would be going to a mall or electronics shop (which would mean I would just succumb to paying for something I don’t need) defeating the purpose of my endeavor. So my primary scrounging area would be the house. After 10 minutes or so I saw what I was looking for. 8 plastic curtain O rings.

The build process was pretty swift and easy. I just took some Loctite super glue and proceeded to bond 4 pairs of 2 O rings which would give me about 0.5 inch of additional gap from my table to my laptop’s rubber feet. After the build i waited for a couple of seconds to make sure the bond was secure and went on to fit the rings.

The fit was perfect. the rubber feet are secure inside the O ring and are very stable. shaking and leaning on certain areas did not result in any tilting or misalignment from the 4 rings. An added bonus was the fact that the height generated by the rings was excellent in preventing carpal tunnel when typing on the keyboard. truly comfortable if I do say so myself 🙂

here are a couple of shots of the rings in action (pardon for the lighting. It was raining)


Well that’s it for now you guys take care now 🙂

Ja mata



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