Hello and goodbye

Hello Sports fans,

This week was eventful in may ways. Well… not really. We had the annual Christmas party, in which I had to work (no surprise there). We had to go to Libis and “verk” while the lucky, lucky ones were out in home base MOA partying teh pseudo night away (or until they had to go back and “verk” also). Thankfully, we were included in the raffle but no one won a thing (no surprise there). I remember last year,  I won twice but was not present in the party to claim my prize. Oh well, that’s life, parang buhay. The shift ended mercifully and by tomorrow we’ll be back to the olde grinde. Here’s hoping you were able to enjoy your Christmas party.

P.S Before I forget. Here’s  a pic from the other side. Nice google server 🙂


Can you do search better?

ja mata,



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