Random snaps: The drunk monday edi-effin edition


Mark and me being complete asses oh and geigh.


Mindanao Avenue absofuckingtively murder getting here.


My drunk cholesterol laden self. Bloody, bloody @#$%^&&!


This is for Gilbz. Your new life coach, biatch


This is for rain, when you fold it out it has full nekkid pic of Rajin Vhelazquez porking wit april bouy.


This is for Sanneh. Practice guitar with this. mmkay? And jacoke lang ng jacoke!


This is for Gilbz again. Here is your new life partner. X-man superstar kuya rain errr… who da %^&& is this guy again?


For meh. so i can slap myself silly wit it. Yay for Obama!


For rain. alam mo na kung bakit. !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$!


For gilbz. Para sa career mo sa Mr. Universe at Club Maginoo Baklaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


For Gilbz para may referans sa tato. sa klab. Sana’y di ka nila makalimutan.


For rain. Because ron jeremy look a like is on book.


For Sanneh alam na sanneh para may pag jacoke-an ka… si gary lising.


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