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Hello Sports fans,

Its been a so so week and I believe we need a break of some sort. so in a couple of hours from now I will be going home to the province and join in the festivities as we celebrate our town’s fiesta! So what’s been up? Nothing much really, I’ve been updating my online photo gallery quite often and am almost done cleaning up the cruft from my pictures folder. I guess training will have to wait till saturday 😦  i should remind myself not to eat so much when at my mother’s house and veer away from any rice!

Ok next up the drop zone:

So yeah I’ve been hankering to get out of my current job for the past couple of days now and so far I’ve had the opportunity to get an interview from another OEM. Turns out its the same position and I don’t want to start over again with all this HW mumbo jumbo. So the plan still stays the same, fly low and wait till next year or till I get my retention :). Oh before I forget I did apply for a recruiter position (yeah I know dead end) but what is a dead end nowadays, in this economy? I’m taking it if I pass and apply while interviewing would be technicians (if I pass lol) Oh well that’s my week!

Ja mata,



Hello Sports fans,

Wow, how time flies when your body is totally aching from 2 hours of the mos gruelling training you’ve been through since college and hs. Yep i went out alive and well from friday’s session at the Elorde gym. To sum it up, it was quite painful.Β  I appreciated the time and effort given to me by my trainer and I definitely am thankful that I did not faint, vomit or cry during the whole ordeal πŸ™‚ I am also thankful that this is not my job πŸ™‚ During the weigh in at my house I weighed in at about 95kilos and after the training I was at 90. Wow! Can;t wait for the next session!

[Edit: 9:30 PM Wednesday, April 29, 2009 ]

ooh yeah, here are some pics btw.

Ja mata



Hello Sports fans,

Recent images of my self have sent alarm bells in my head. That is why I have decided that I will “actually enrol in a fitness program” that I believe will assist me in losing weight in a safe and enjoyable manner. I am talking about Boxing.

From past conversations with an Β  that is an active MMA practitioner (he fights freestyle but has a menagerie of Martial Arts training, namely Kickboxing, Capoeira and Grappling) he mentioned that one of the best ways to “really” lose weight would be to train in boxing. After the usual inquiries on what to expect and what to bring I was finally convinced that this was something I would like to pursue (train boxing not fight in MMA). Given the fact that I follow boxing like a patron of “Sabong” (cockfighting) I know I’ll be able to follow through with this endeavor.

Aside from the conversation with the MMA practitioner, another office mate of mine just recently finished his first day at the “Elorde Boxing Gym”. He says its killer but it was all worth it. This got me wondering. I can do this to (inflict pain on myself which I pay for gladly (membah Club Vandersexxx?) lol.

So the lowdown right? OK, from what I heard from the office mate, you need hand wraps (200 pesos), gloves (400 cheapest at JB music) trainers of course (or buy boxing shoes which are kinda pricey). You also have to and of course your will to last 2 hours of the most gruelling time of your life. Oh yeah, you need 350 pesos (non member) or 500 pesos to become a full member. So yeah, kinda obvious which route I’m gonna take πŸ™‚

So come this Friday, if I don’t update you’ll know where I suffered my fatal heart attack πŸ™‚

[Edit: April 23, 2009]

Got my hand wraps, Everlast gloves and now I just need a little more patience πŸ™‚ Friday here I come!

Ja mata,



Hello there sports fans,

Wow, what an eventful weekend it has been for yours truly. On friday I met up with a college buddy of mine who I haven’t seen in ages after I got married. Turns out he will be getting hitched soon πŸ™‚ The cool thing is me and my wife will be secondary sponsors to this bash in october. Naks, I get to wear a suit this time lol. So yeah, we met up at Trinoma at Congo Grille and has some wings and brew. I was also able to meet oneΒ  of his officemates and his gf. ended at about 12:00 AM or so and I escorted I back home πŸ™‚

After chatting up on teh machine withΒ  Gilbert one of the pakbets I agreed to go to banchetto in ortigas (this be at emerald avenue where a whole street is closed for stalls of delicacies πŸ™‚ ) so after so many years the Pakbet Nerds finally reconvened. Sonny, Rain, Gilbert and Myself were reunited (not in a gay way).

The gathering was fun and quite amiable πŸ™‚ I was finally able to meet Karen, Phoebe, Ade, Jungz, Kel, Helga and I forgot wait Thebim! Othere cool web 2.0 savvy people were there too πŸ™‚ talked about plurk thingamabobs and whatnots. Compare it to The buzz for nerds lol.

At about 6:00 AM we found ourselves off to libis to get some breakfast at something fishy πŸ™‚ There we met up with the legend that is “Gadapader”. Talked about random stuff and his battlehopper (Suzuki Shogun). That bastard curling iron freak Gilbert also “lampiroted” my giant face!

After 3 hours at about 1:30 PM I was off to attend and pitch in (read: spend moneh!) at the company (HSBC) sponsored “Elementos and Carnavale” at the MOA grounds where after much to and fro I saw loads of cute children (admiring then in a non rain way) Happy parents, enthusiastic fair participants (the bingo was a bash!) and also some celebrities (saw the Josef dude and a lass lookin’ quite like a young claudine and also those brazilian chicks from TV5 lolololol!)

Now finally at home and enjoying my newfandangled cooling solution for the desktop πŸ™‚ Wow, I have been berry sowsyalz this past weekend.

Ja mata,



Hello Sports fans,

So yeah, I finally decided to replace the OS of our 1 year old desktop machine. I figured since yesterday was the last day XP was gonna be supported By Microsoft (sure there were gonna be updates till April of 2014 but hey It needs to go into pasture and enjoy retirement, for true this time), I should do the update. Boy, was I ever wrong. Lemme regale you with a chronology of what happened.

  • 1:00 PM – Woke up after only 4 hours of sleep. Decided to do a clean sweep of Vista with SP1 on my machine. prepared discs and external hard drive and then off to get some ice tea.
  • 1:30 PM – backed up using hard drive and formatted drive using Gparted. Time to boot on the vista DVD.
  • 1:34 | 2:25 PM Completed install of Windows Vista Ultimate but found a couple of things not working correctly. It seems that I was unable to open my control panel and my security center and anything managed by “SLUIMGR”. “Damn, a lemon install” I thought to myself. After digging around found a batch file that’s known to fix it but no luck. looks like I need to reinstall again.
  • 2:45 | 3:35 PM – Gave upΒ  fooling around with the cmd and services, loaded up only needed components (AVG Free, Drivers, Foxconn Chipset) and resigned my self to perform OSRI again. This made me think, “I may be back to XP after all :(“
  • 3:36 | 4:35 PM – Off to verk crestfallen.

There you have it. I hope to have better luck when I get home.

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Ja mata,