Hello Sports fans,

Had a recent brush with mortality early this morning. I was sleeping and at about 2:00 AM I was woken up by severe stomach cramps, asphyxiation and watery eyes of all things. I never encountered this before, so I frantically went down to the loo to relieve myself while badly choking and feeling all sour and hot inside. After the tummy ordeal I thought it was over but unfortunately, My throat started getting tight and I think I was getting an asthma attack. I drank a pitcher of water and tried my best to keep cool. I almost went outside but decided against that. Instead I ran a cold shower and stayed in there for a good 1 hour. At about 3:10 AM I was alive, confused but breathing normally. Honey, I think I just survived my most weird case of food allergy attack. That is all she wrote.

Ja mata,



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