Hello Sports fans,

Recent images of my self have sent alarm bells in my head. That is why I have decided that I will “actually enrol in a fitness program” that I believe will assist me in losing weight in a safe and enjoyable manner. I am talking about Boxing.

From past conversations with an   that is an active MMA practitioner (he fights freestyle but has a menagerie of Martial Arts training, namely Kickboxing, Capoeira and Grappling) he mentioned that one of the best ways to “really” lose weight would be to train in boxing. After the usual inquiries on what to expect and what to bring I was finally convinced that this was something I would like to pursue (train boxing not fight in MMA). Given the fact that I follow boxing like a patron of “Sabong” (cockfighting) I know I’ll be able to follow through with this endeavor.

Aside from the conversation with the MMA practitioner, another office mate of mine just recently finished his first day at the “Elorde Boxing Gym”. He says its killer but it was all worth it. This got me wondering. I can do this to (inflict pain on myself which I pay for gladly (membah Club Vandersexxx?) lol.

So the lowdown right? OK, from what I heard from the office mate, you need hand wraps (200 pesos), gloves (400 cheapest at JB music) trainers of course (or buy boxing shoes which are kinda pricey). You also have to and of course your will to last 2 hours of the most gruelling time of your life. Oh yeah, you need 350 pesos (non member) or 500 pesos to become a full member. So yeah, kinda obvious which route I’m gonna take 🙂

So come this Friday, if I don’t update you’ll know where I suffered my fatal heart attack 🙂

[Edit: April 23, 2009]

Got my hand wraps, Everlast gloves and now I just need a little more patience 🙂 Friday here I come!

Ja mata,



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