Verk Series: Uncertainty

Hello Sports fans,

There’s been a major shakedown at work the past couple of days. All I know is that from an extension for 10 days from the original 45 day transition phase, effective the 9th, we are now part of a new entity. Suffice to say, not all took it lightly and if my information is correct we currently don’t have ANY AM’s around. I hope this is just hogwash since I don’t like the feeling if people leave en masse at verk but I digress, this was bound to happen.

Ther is no other recourse
Ther is no other recourse

So what’s next? I am asking that question myself. I guess hold the fort for as long as I can and maintain order while we get through this mire that is the “transition”. I has not been easy I have to say. Just after a few hours of the shift, one of my technicians just called it quits. I can’t really blame him though. He thought it best to seek his fortunes elsewhere. Currently, not much has been going on after the transition. Basically, we are right back where we started. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next.

Ja mata,



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