Images and the great beyond

Hello sports fans,

The Last stand of the Generals
The Last stand of the Generals

I write this as I am about to finish on my batch of recently taken pictures from 2 gatherings I attended. The first one was the early morning and up to the very smoky videoke session of my now former team (The Generals) and the next my inaanak Sesay’s 7th year birthday bash. Each even was fun and sad in their own ways. The old team I had was rock solid but I guess it was better to break up while we were on the up and up instead of burning out and getting sick of each others faces. Its all about how you look at things I guess. Sesay’s bash was fun because of the children.

She kinda looks like a very young Aibee
She kinda looks like a very young Aibee

Their mirth and energy truly made this a wonderful experience. I’m a bit sad though (just a teensy bit 🙂 ) since I am also married and have not been blessed by a child of for my wife and I to call our own. I think my EQ and selfishness at times is the main reason I keep simply try to focus of preparation (i.e. house lol) for the child ( or children hrhrhr) that we will be having in the future. I don’t know… I should probably just let things take their course and see what happens next. All in all life is great and despite of the many unsavory changes going through, I still manage to be excited and thankful for each passing day. I think I’ll go have some more oolong tea now.

Ja mata,



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