Hello from Pioneer!

Hello Sports fans,

I write this in confines of a clean and well equipped internet/pc hardware shop at the pioneer mall near boni station 🙂 I bit you good tidings and even better health while I am typing away with the always excellent A4tech keyboard and mouse combination :).

Spring rolls from soms
Spring rolls from soms

Let’s see what has happened today. *dream sequence* I just finished downloading a couple of audiobooks (a lot of Dilbert 🙂 ) and was able to score all the necessary learning materials for an MCSE course track (yes I am serious now 🙂 ) and of all things got my NBI clearance renewed and *tan tananan….* got my renewal ID too! *applause* now I’m just enjoying the internet while waiting for my wife. We about to got to SOMS (some Thai place she likes, I hope the food is good 🙂 ).

Anywhoo, I’m also gonna be taking on a new role tomorrow. I kinda feel like I constantly fix things at verk. Maybe I should change my designation from Encoffineur to Siraniko (Mechanic that does the opposite) lol. So yeah gotta watch some Tekzilla now. See you on the intarwebs.

EDIT [aboot 23 mins ago]: z0mg! Public Enemies is showing na! na! na! na! z0mg!

EDIT [aboot 1:47 AM]: Sent a quick message to rain and voila we we’re off to Medical City Ortigas 🙂

This place was amazing... well not in this picture
This plae was amazing... well not in this picture

before you see the stricken, you have to get one of these…

Visitor Pass
Visitor Pass

and a few seconds later we have…

Yep Hes alive alright
Yep He's alive alright

This is funny. The Cab driver wanted to take a shortcut, we wanted to go to EDSA. Traffic ensued and he succumbed to going back the original route.

Stuck near Greenhills
Stuck near Greenhills

Ja mata,



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