People of earth (yes, I am chiming a little bit of coco here) This wee has been made of bitter mire. Aside for the fact that the general morale of the place has gone from apathetic to gruesomely frank, there has been another major change in schedule that has put us from the pits to the lowest level of hell. I guess the only way to go is up from this predicament. How? by thinking about what’s at stake.

In other news, i am finding ways to continually amuse myself as i try to get through work day in day out. I’ve repurposed my low res camphone to serve as my oracle on items better said with images than words. Lol.

To store these images I’ll be using the services of to host these abomina… Err pics. Aside from that I’m thisclosetobeinganalcoholic again. Lol.

Well that’s it from me, for now, since the heat is almost done from sapping all of the electrolytes from my body rendering me unconcious for the next few hours or so.

I wish to dream ofi static, really.

xoxo errr…