Boiling point

Hola earthlings,

Its, been another week of hurt at the office. Morale is at an all time low. People are gnashing their teeth and some even very vocal about the grindhouse mechanics of existing at the workplace. I wish I could motivate then. I really wish I could. Other than that, we have split restdays. For bloody nora’s sake, its totally in the pisser this week has been.

On a lighter note, we won some much needed rnr money (guffaws). It seemed we won by the teensiest margin! about a 1:32 percent difference in metrics lol. We didn’t expect it but we are happy we won. That goes to show hard work does some magical things. Also, stats are fun!

Been keeping my options open lately, but alas I may need to spend more time in the grass for sometime. While in the mire, I pledge to do my best to help as many as I can to get through this in one piece. I will not stand by and be showered by bs around me lol.

In other news:

Heard from someone close to malacanang. A failure of election will be declared this coming april. Deep throat (forgive the spy name) says this election season is gonna be a bloodbath and I should stock up on supplies and gear up for war. Apocalyptic as it may seem, I personally feel that we need this automated election to succeed. I mean we need to risk big to gain big. That’s just me of course. I promised my informant if jamby, loren or worst case scenario lapid wins, I’d team up with him and and join a separatist movement of some sort. Something that involves eli pamatong or eddie gil lol.

On a cryptic personal note, t-minus 29 &50x’s counting. This should be fun.


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