Philippine Toycon 2010!

Hey folks 🙂

Its that time of the year again! here are my Toycon pics 🙂

Danny Choo like but more agressive with his rifle
Two troopers in the Diorama room. I think the smaller one is a girl 🙂
Vader and some mean looking Troopers (trooper: Stay Back or I will f@^%&n' tase you bro's!)
Vader demands a vanity shot (Geez he looks dead here lol)
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Philippine 501st Legion!
The always smiling Ford Fiesta girl (There was an actual car btw 🙂 )
A cute Jpop band
The Girl playing guitar 🙂
Hetalia Nippon and Hungary (my fave is the Hungary Cosplayer)
Hetalia Hungary Solo shot 🙂
A futuristic Lady Cosplayer with a huge gun!
A mainstay of the cosplay community 🙂
Japanese stare down, always prim, proper and posh
Parasol love
Another commendable cosplay from this young lady! (seen her last year)
Another great pose (look at that pout! Adorable!)
One more for this fine Cosplayer 🙂
Awww ain't she cute 🙂 (kinda looks like Krista Ranillo if you ask me)
A cute Gothic Lolita outside the trade hall!
Big smile desu ka!
"Nyan! Nyan!" Said the cute little pink eared one 🙂
Peekaboo! I see you!
Any Idea who this character is? (Comment if you know. Thanks!)
Whoa a real live Persian Elite Foot soldier! Wicked!
Wow! Rogue in the flesh (I loff this costume!)
Professor X trying to penetrate my empty coconut lol
Chatted with this sprightly young, gracious host and idol for Axe
She was with other Axe Girls posing for pics and entertaining the masses ( mostly men. Lol )
Love her aura in this image 🙂
Your sprightly, colorful, young things parade the trade hall 🙂
No toycon would be complete without the "Cap'n"!
Here's Yuna (?) from Final Fantasy (?) (Please comment if I am incorrect)
We'll need a huge ball of yarn to satisfy this kitty
I love her look. Not your normal pretty face. Quite enthralling if you ask me.
Me and the Prof. clearing the air of bad juju!

That’s a wrap! Had fun and met a lot of interesting people. Till next year!

Ja mata!



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