The last goodbye

Chris signs off for NU 107
"And for the last time, this is DWNU FM Once the loudest and proudest member of the KBP signing off"

My top 5 things to thank NU for:

  1. For finding common ground with my friends and former officemates Rain (Mr. Accurate shoe size), Sonny (D’ Original Helicopter Man) and Gilbert (Badly Re-bonded Boy).
  2. For making the morning commute bearable when I was once a day walker. I can’t imagine plying my route and wafting along without the constant bantering and antics supplied by the indefatigable tandem of  Zach and Joey in the Morning. (I actually called in on their show and had a nice discussion on Karma).
  3. For being a constant companion in my years as an awkward teen, my angst ridden phase (don’t deny you had one too :p), and my constant sojourns to sleep in the college library (College of Arts and Sciences).
  4. For playing great music that rocks your socks off!
  5. For being there when I had to do (and revise many times over) my thesis. Yes, even I can’t believe I actually made one let alone graduate. lol.
Thank you, DWNU FM 107.5. Once the loudest and proudest member of the KBP.

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