Pics of the Week: Parties and Promos

Jappy D. and his G7
Getting ready
By the Christmas tree
Hiroshi and Dovie
LOL that death note pose
Bobbie chan nyan nyan
Zeb again
Jonah, Korax and Jerson
Twinkie again
Sorta beastie boys pose
Mitch and Roi
LOL The Boys in the pic, IDK who they are
with the TGIF girls
Lara Croft Cosplayer
Nana and L
When the beer taps start flowing
Ja, Hiroshi and Joren
Line em up
Anjo and Ai
Milet,, Ry, Red, Clayde, Hiroshi
Cesca joins in with Jason
Paul, Josh, Fran with Bob
Gil and Hayde
Aristotle joins the bunch
Milet, Lea and Clayde
Alma’s here
Melo joins the bunch
Jason and Bob
Ry and Bob
Aris and Bob
Hayde and Dovie
This was when the raffle started. Oh, there’s Aphryll
L and Bob
I can’t believe I have another shot of this. LOL.
Now the liquor starts its magic
Eli in the house
Mandy joins in
Hook em horns, on other people’s heads. LOL.
Red and his cup, of ice tea
Emo Pose
Berto and his Girly man pose
The gal in the middle asked for our “Pitcher” not a “Picture”
Xin, Berth and Michelle. Old friends and team mates!
I think everyone was in this shot already
Iced tea was the only drink left

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