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It’s here!

Finally, after a few days of waiting its done 🙂 Me and a couple of office mates who watch “Chuck” wanted our own “Nerd Herd” ID’s. After googling the best options to mass produce the knock off (seriously, we ain’t paying for the real one! We poor ya see! Lol!) we finally found one and got about six of these suckers 🙂 Thank you Google!

Ahh, the little things 🙂

Edit: If you’d like to make your own badge get the pdf here. Thanks! RandomestFactor



My Own Nation

Jennifer Government

Hello sports fans,

Been really amused by playing/manipulating Nation States for the past couple of weeks now. I know its been around for like forever but as they say, “better late than never” right? Whatevs. Hit the link for some Diplomatic lolz up in your bees knees. Oh, btw here’s my nationstate: Peep it sometime to see if I became successful in becoming the next Berlusconi (Smex!) lollerskates!