Thank you Google!

A week ago my cable box remote was unceremoniously “modified” by my daughter.

In the process of turning it into a puzzle for me to assemble she left another nugget for me to find. She LOCKED a channel vital to the peace and harmony of the household (Ch.2) After being macho and bullheaded by fidgeting with the device for a number of days to no avail, I Cried err…lost I mean, in a sense.

I… was… however… successful in reproducing the lock on another channel (AksyonTV5) *wails*

Dire circumstances called for a more clinical approach. I resorted to good old fashioned research (20 minutes of properly optimized search results).

What resulted was a queer fix to reset and unlock my KX-181 Wanshan Cable TV box (Yes I am a cheapskate I bought this in Raon sue me!)

If you have acquired this particular piece of cheap electronic glory, All You/I need(ed) was to do the following:

1. Turn off Cable box via remote (LED will indicate “OFF”)

2. Press “0” 12 times and then “2

3. Deus Ex Machina! The LED will state PASS>RES>BOSS and Voila! Your box is free from its binds!

Lesson learned: RTFM and Keep your Manuals safe!

The Universe (my home and its inhabitants) are once again safe thanks to Google!


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