Happy Second Month Ania :)

Lola's, Mommy and Ania
I am a Zsonger!
Hi Tharr, I can ze panhandlez lol
Poopins? lol
I iz gesticulatinz teh olde telephony system. lol
My Zoolander pose. lol
I can read mah card. Well, not really. lol.

Moving 101: My to do list

Here it is. i’ll update this as we go along

1. get rid of old magaines
2. get rid of old software, movies I won’t miss
3. get rid of useless documents (bote dyaryo time)
4. get rid of old electronics I wont need
5. get rid of old clothes and shoes (donate)
6. get rid of old furniture. (Hand me down time)
7. get rid of old boxes and containers and clutter

Ok Lets see if I can do this. 🙂

[update: 7:42 PM 10/24/09]

* managed to get rid of old boxes.
– motorola razr
– samsung dvdrw
– old jdm tamiya model kits

[update: 6:15 PM 10/30/09]

Gonna have to skip today need to go to the realtors

[update: 1:34 PM 10/31/09]

RD over guess I’ll have to start again on wednesday {new rd}

[update: 11:33 AM 11/3/09]

Geez training later damn! Gonna have to do this in the morning

[update: 10:41 AM 11/4/09]

Okay managed to get some progress on this project. Today I was able to:

– Get rid of old documents that I wont be needing
– Get rid of more electronic packaging
– Get rid of magazines I wont be needing
– Get rid of boxes of nothingness