The presentation

Hello Sportsfans,

Today we pretty much, almost got reamed by the other SME’s. Ok, what is an SME you might ask? Well an SME is termed as a Subject Matter Expert. In the glorious place of employment that I currently work for, I was selected as one of the back up SME’s for our site. Ok, so what do we do? Well we do KB articles and babble on about what better way to do this or that. Oh, and we uh, kinda become the rpimary tool for escalating issues to a regional and God forbid a global level.  So this Gig has a training of 1 week and also and will probably last 90 days (no fun at all).   So there i was presenting and our article almost got scrapped but we’ll get into that at another post. for now, I’m back in training. So there, till next time!

Ja mata,



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